Trial Organisers


  1. Complete and email us a signed Trial Affiliation Application, so we have all the information we need to promote your trial
  2. Pay the affiliation fee so your trial is covered by third party insurance 
  3. Email us your entry form, if you want entries in advance (We now have a standard entry form template you can use just ask the Secretary to email it to you)
  4. Download and print out all membership forms (see link above) to take to your trial
  5. Only those trials where a completed and signed affiliation application and payment have been received by the association prior to the commencement of the trial can be covered by the associations insurance


  1. Complete and email us any signed Temporary Membership Forms PLUS send us any fees collected
  2. Post or email your trial’s results to our Point Score Officer. The Point Score Officers details can be found on the Results Sheet (or Results Sheet PDF)