Membership entitles you to:

  • Compete for Pointscore and Annual awards
  • Receive our newsletter four times a year so you can keep up to date with trial news
  • Judge trials
  • Vote at our general meeting

Costs are:

  • Adult annual $50 or 5 year $220
  • Junior annual $20
  • Family annual $100 or 5 year $440
  • Temporary (day) Adult $20 / Junior $5

Do Junior handlers have to be members ?

We received this question from a trial organiser recently and thought it would be worthwhile to share with everyone.
The answer is: Yes. If it is a trial affiliated with NSW Yard Dogs then ALL competitors must be financial, whether it is a yearly membership or a day membership.
This is important for insurance purposes.

Reciprocal Membership

The VYUFDA, NSWYDA and SAYDA have agreed to offer each other’s members reciprocal membership without charging a subscription.

The conditions are:

1. NSW members wishing to compete in Victoria still need to apply for Interstate membership and be issued with a competition number;

2. Victorian members wishing to compete in NSW still need to apply for Temporary membership and have such applications accepted;

3. This applies to full fee-paying competition members only;

4. There is no guarantee of acceptance in either State and each State reserves the right to reject an application without giving reasons;

5. Anyone found to have misrepresented their status, [for example: not living within the “home” State or not being a current financial member, or being under suspension etc], will have their membership revoked and be subject to further disciplinary sanctions.

6. For SAYDA you will not be required to fill in anymore forms when entering trials in SA as when you sign your entry form you agree to abide by the rules are code of conduct of the SAYDA. 
You also sign that your dog/dogs have entered the competition at your own risk and the convenors of their representatives accept no responsibility for any risk or injury however caused.

Queries should be directed to your “Home” State.
VYUFDA Treasurer – Lisa Kennedy 0417 522 765
NSWYDA Secretary – Jess Trent-Smith 0432 524 676
SAYDA Secretary – Bev Kellock 0427 973 247