Getting Started in Yard Dog Trialling

Yard Dog Trialing is a sport which has classes of competition from Beginner to Championship,  so there is something to suit everyone no matter what your level of knowledge and experience. 

Classes include: Junior (under 17), Encourage, Local, Maiden, Novice, Improver and Open as well as Regional, State and Australian Championships.

Most competitors are more than happy to help you along the way, perhaps until you start to beat them!  

Some areas have dog clubs holding training days and schools which cater for all standards of expertise. 

If you are wanting to start training dogs and competing please contact anyone on the committee or executive who is closest to where you live (see the Home Page) and they will assist you. 

There are trials held by Working Dog Clubs and Ag Show Societies all over Australia. NSW Regional Championship Trials must be applied for and are granted by the NSWYDA on their merit, these trial winners gain double points in the Annual Pointscore Competition and the overall winners represent that trial at the NSW Championships each year.

So if you would like to find out more about this sport please contact us soon and start making new friends and having some fun with your dogs.

Running a trial

The success of our Association depends on the hardwork of our trial organisers.
If you want to run a trial, it’s important to understand that only trials affiliated with the Association.

  • allow competitors to be eligible for official Point Score Awards
  • are covered for liability to third parties for personal injury and property damage flowing from the participation of a financial member of the NSWYDA
  • are promoted via our webiste, Facebook group and newsletter

If you want to organise a trial in your local area, please see the information for trial organisers on the Trial Organisers page of our website or contact the Secretary.


We run over 50 trials in NSW every year, with Point Score Awards in a number of categories.

All competitors and judges must read and understand our Competition Rules Book.