Last Updated: 28 October 2017

Members and Competitors

  • New Membership Application - your application must be SIGNED by the person nominating you BEFORE it is forwarded to the Association
  • Temporary Membership Application - your temporary member application must be SIGNED by the person nominating you BEFORE it is forwarded to the Association
  • Membership Renewal Form - members can now pay their renewals by online banking, see PAYMENT options on the form


Trial Organisers


  1. Complete and email us a signed Trial Affiliation Application, so we have all the information we need to promote your trial
  2. Pay the affiliation fee so your trial is covered by third party insurance (It’s $50 for affiliation PLUS $20 to promote the trial in the newsletter and on the website OR $10 to promote the trial just on the website. So the total cost will either be $70 or $60)
  3. Email us your entry form, if you want entries in advance (We now have a standard entry form template you can use just ask the Secretary to email it to you)
  4. Download and print out some Temporary Membership Applications to take to your trial


  1. Complete and email us any signed Temporary Membership Forms PLUS send us any fees collected
  2. If it was a Championship Trial, also send us the $2 levy for all entries except Local and Beginner
  3. Type up and email us the Results Form in MSWord format – we ask you to type these to save time and minimise risk of error when we put them in the newsletter. Please remember only results published in this newsletter go towards the official Point Score Awards so members will be keen for you to get these to us promptly.

New South Wales Yard Dog Association Inc.

CONTACT Tony Overton, Executive Secretary
POST PO Box 181, Walcha NSW 2354
PHONE 0409 503 423
EMAIL [email protected]

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