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Last updated: 23 September 2017

The NSW Yard Dog Association was established in October 1986 to showcase excellence in the working dog by demonstrating the benefits of good sheep work by a dog within the confines of the yard. Good sheep work being efficient, safe and constructive to the end result. In other words, it should, as much as is practical, represent real work and demonstrate the highest levels of stockmanship.

On this page you'll find information about:

  • Our objectives
  • Office Bearers
  • Committee members
  • Honourary life members
  • Memberships
  • Competing
  • Running a trial
  • Staying in touch

Our objectives

  1. To promote public interest in dogs which work sheep in utility and yards
  2. To promote the holding of yard/utility dog trials
  3. To make and from time to time amend rules for the conduct of trials for yard dogs/utility dogs in the state of New South Wales
  4. To make and from time to time emend rules for the eligibility for entrance by both workers and dogs and trials for yard dogs/utility dogs in the State of NSW.
  5. To determine and from time to time amend a system of classification of yard dogs/utility dogs. To collect, publish and disseminate information relating to yard dogs/utility dogs.
  6. To establish a panel of judges and to implement and operate a system of training judges.
  7. To raise funds for purposes of the Association in such a manner as the Committee may from time to time determine.
  8. To hold yard/utility dog trials from time to time
  9. To establish relations and encourage exchange with other associations throughout the world having similar objects to the Association.
  10. To promote in all possible ways, the interest of breeders and owners of working yard/utility dogs

 Office Bearers 2017-18


Ed Wall

0428 293 495


Nevell King

02 6379 7610

Nick Foster

0417 522 513


Tony Overton

0409 503 423


Oliver Hanson

0430 112 600


Felicity Hanson

0400 951 717


Neil Lynch

02 6452 3425

Newsletter, website & publicity  

Sabine Muller-Glissmann   0403 916 607

Committee Members 2017-18

Alan Wheeler

0428 319 801

Kevin Howell

02 6859 2311

Bob Fenwick

02 6842 3177

Merrilyn Mulcahy

0458 035 323

Chris Stapleton

02 6337 0366 Neil Lynch 02 6452 3425

Col McPhee

0427 217 697

Tim Woods

02 6845 1910

Greg Reeves

02 6358 8285



Honorary Life Members

Robert Monds

Steve Weyman 

Peter Moore

John Rosten

Jim Luce 

Chris Stapleton 

Jenny Cox

Barry Madden Kevin Howell


Membership entitles you to:

  • compete for Pointscore and Annual awards
  • receive our newsletter four times a year, so you can keep up to date with trial news
  • judge trials
  • vote at our annual general meeting

Costs are:

  • Adult annual $40 or 5 year $200
  • Junior annual $20
  • Family annual $100
  • Temporary (day) $5

Membership fees are due by 1 July each year. 

To become a member or renew an existing membership, please use the Forms on this website.

Memberships can be paid by cheque or direct credit to our bank account.


We run over 50 trials in NSW every year, with Point Score Awards in a number of categories.

You can find event dates and entry forms on this website and in our newsletter.

All competitors and judges must read and understand our Competition Rules Book.

Running a trial

The success of our Association depends on the hardwork of our trial organisers.

If you want to run a trial, it's important to understand that only trials affiliated with the Association:

  • allow competitors to be eligible for official Point Score Awards
  • are covered for liability to third parties for personal injury and property damage flowing from the participation of a financial member of the NSWYDA
  • are promoted via our webiste, Facebook group and newsletter

If you want to organise a trial in your local area, please see the information for trial organisers on the Forms page of our website or contact the Secretary.

Staying in touch

Email [email protected]

Phone 0409 503 423

Web www.yarddogsnsw.com

Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1556803064565825/

Post PO Box 181, Walcha NSW 2354

Newsletter Published in March, June, September & December as long as we receive the information we need by the deadline. Deadline for contributions is the 20th of month before. Only results published in the newsletter will go towards the official Point Score Awards.

New South Wales Yard Dog Association Inc.

CONTACT Tony Overton, Executive Secretary
POST PO Box 181, Walcha NSW 2354
PHONE 0409 503 423
EMAIL [email protected]

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