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**Please don't forget to send in trial results for the September newsletter by 20 August**

Only results published in the newsletter can go to the Official Point Score. Simply complete and email the Results Sheet to the Secretary; you can find it on the FORMS page.

We'd also love to receive any photos or news from members. 

We publish the newsletter four times a year: September, December, March and June. Deadline for contributions is 20th of the month prior.

**ABC Rural covers Australian Championship at West Wyalong**

Top working dogs compete for Australian title at West Wyalong | Peta Doherty | ABC Rural | 120816 ... read the full article

**Don't forget to pay your membership renewal by 1 September if you have not aleady paid**

Membership renewals are usually due by 1 July each year. There is a late fee of $10 for any renewals received after 1 August. This year only, we are extending that to 1 September. You will find a Membership Renewal form on the FORMS page

**News from the AGM**

Thanks to all those who made the journey to attend the AGM. Minutes are still being finalised and will be sent out with the September newsletter. In the meantime, we are starting to update this website with a few changes, such as:

New office bearers - see below

New committee members - see below

New post office box - PO Box 181, Walcha NSW 2354

New email address - yarddogsnsw@gmail.com

Other updates will be made over the next few weeks.

**Change of trial dates**

Please let the Secretary know as soon as possible so we can keep the website up to date and save time on administration work. If the reason is that there is no one to do all the hard work to organise it - maybe think about putting a call for help up here on the website. 

**What influences the success of Australian livestock working dogs?**

The University of Sydney has published the results of its research into Australian farm dogs, which was started a few years ago. In total, the research collected data on over 4,000 dogs from over 800 working dog owners around Australia including a number of NSWYDA members. Find out more on the What we're talking about page.

**Do Junior handlers have to be members?**

We received this question from a trial organiser recently and thought it would be worthwhile to share with everyone. The answer is: Yes. If it is a trial affiliated with NSW Yard Dogs then ALL competitors must be financial, whether it is a yearly membership or a day membership. This is important for insurance purposes.

 Office Bearers 2016-17


Nevell King

02 6379 7610


Jenny Cox

02 6364 5164

Ed Wall

02 6743 2546


Tony Overton

0409 503 423


Oliver Hanson

0430 112 600


Robert Cox

02 6364 5164


Neil Lynch

02 6452 3425

Newsletter, website & publicity

Sabine Muller-Glissmann 0403 916 607

Committee Members 2016-17

Alan Wheeler

0428 319 801

John Rosten

02 6775 5555

Bob Fenwick

02 6842 3177

Kerry Pearce

0429 686 002

Chris Stapleton

02 6337 0366 Kevin Howell 02 6859 2311

Col McPhee

02 6337 2576

Neil Lynch

02 6452 3425

Ellen Hughes

0428 579 862

Nick Foster

0417 522 513

Greg Reeves

02 6358 8285

Robert Cox

02 6364 5164

Jeanette Fenwick

02 6842 3177

Tim Woods

02 6845 1910

Honorary Life Members

Robert Monds

Steve Weyman

Peter Moore

John Rosten

Jim Luce

Chris Stapleton

Jenny Cox

Barry Madden Kevin Howell


Objectives of the NSW Yard Dog Association Inc.

  1. To promote public interest in dogs which work sheep in utility and yards
  2. To promote the holding of yard/utility dog trials
  3. To make and from time to time amend rules for the conduct of trials for yard dogs/utility dogs in the state of New South Wales
  4. To make and from time to time emend rules for the eligibility for entrance by both workers and dogs and trials for yard dogs/utility dogs in the State of NSW.
  5. To determine and from time to time amend a system of classification of yard dogs/utility dogs. To collect, publish and disseminate information relating to yard dogs/utility dogs.
  6. To establish a panel of judges and to implement and operate a system of training judges.
  7. To raise funds for purposes of the Association in such a manner as the Committee may from time to time determine.
  8. To hold yard/utility dog trials from time to time
  9. To establish relations and encourage exchange with other associations throughout the world having similar objects to the Association.
  10. To promote in all possible ways, the interest of breeders and owners of working yard/utility dogs



New South Wales Yard Dog Association Inc.

CONTACT Tony Overton, Executive Secretary
POST PO Box 181, Walcha NSW 2354
PHONE 0409 503 423
EMAIL yarddogsnsw@gmail.com

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